The PERXTM platform is designed with multi-level security architecture. Access is User name & password protected, transactions are PIN authenticated and User activity is monitored and tracked.

Audit Trail & Tracking

PERX™ comes with in-built security features.  With this feature all user activity on the application (additions/edits/views/etc) are monitored & tracked to allow for full system user auditing & fraud prevention.

Access Control & Privilege Management

With PERX™ you can define the various types/levels of Users you want to have access to the system and also define the exact functions that each type/level of user can perform.  This access control & privilege management allows you to ring-fence functions and ensure expertise in service delivery. These access & privilege definitions can be assigned on a Group or Individual User basis.

PerX™ is an enterprise level customer loyalty management solution enabling companies to create & manage acquisition, retention, growth, frequency & transaction based customer loyalty strategies. Deployed either as a Cloud-Based or On-Premise solution, PerX™ offers a secure multi-currency multi-partner loyalty & rewards management solution.

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