Rewards Catalogue Management Module

The PERX™ application has an in-built rewards catalogue with shopping cart for loyalty programs. Your rewards catalogue can comprise of multiple redeemable items from your outlets and/or from your partners, ranging from electronics, fashion items, food items and household electrical appliances, all stored in one location for redemption purposes.

The Rewards Catalogue Management Module (which is linked to your Customer Interaction Portal) also includes

Rewards Inventory management

A robust rewards inventory management system that tracks your rewards inventory and ensures that your rewards stock is always sufficient to meet your customer demands

Redemption Module

The PERX™ application comes with the capability to generate unique redemption vouchers, and coupled with the in-built Partner module, these can then be verified & fulfilled in real-time at your locations or partner locations nationwide and at any time of the day.  The redemption module also allows your customers to determine their preferred method of reward collection – in person at your store or your partner location or delivered to their doorstep by registered courier.

Reward Redemption & Fufilment

PERX™ Redemption module with an in-built shopping cart allows your customers to securely (PIN & Password protected) redeem items from your rewards catalogue. The module is integrated with your customer loyalty accounts & updates (debits/credits) customer loyalty account balances in real-time for point’s redemptions/transfers/returns, etc.

For redemption fulfilment, the module provides the options for customers to redeem items in person (the customer can select their preferred pick-up location) or have the items delivered. Automated email (& sms if required) notifications are sent to customers with details of their redemptions, unique redemption voucher codes, item pick-up locations, points balances, etc

Inventory Management Module

PERX™ keeps track and manages your inventory items (products or services) which you retail and sold via the POS module This module allows for SKU Code generation, Inventory updates, Store Allocation, Sales Tracking, Re-order limits setting, Threshold balance setting with automatic notifications, etc all in real-time

Partner Management Module

The PERX™ application allows you manage and control the partners on your loyalty program effectively. With the system, you can carry out the following processes;

  • Enrolment of partners – Capture each partner company data on the system , enrol users and assign privileges for staff and owners
  • Configure each partner location – you can also configure partner company locations (in the case of multi-store partners). The business or campaign rules can be set at a partner company level or at a partner company store level.
  • Fulfilment – PERX™ creates unique access for each partner store location on to the partner portal for secure verifiable fulfilment of redemption orders and/or benefits.

PerX™ is an enterprise level customer loyalty management solution enabling companies to create & manage acquisition, retention, growth, frequency & transaction based customer loyalty strategies. Deployed either as a Cloud-Based or On-Premise solution, PerX™ offers a secure multi-currency multi-partner loyalty & rewards management solution.

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