Campaign Management

PERX™ allows you to create loyalty campaigns based on multiple criteria/parameters such as SKU, Cumulative Spend, Per Transaction Spend, Frequency of Visit, Season, Partner, Calendar based, Customer Tier, Customer Segment, Customer Status, etc. Generally the types of campaigns that can be created fall under 4 categories

  • Transaction Based Regular Campaigns–campaigns set to award loyalty points on a continuous basis based on rewarding criteria such as SKU, per transaction spend, frequency of visit, customer tier, etc
  • Transaction Based Periodic Campaigns –campaigns set to award loyalty points on a periodic basis or based on criteria thresholds such as fixed budget, cumulative spend, frequency of visits, number of defined transaction types within a period, etc.
  • Customer Engagement Campaigns –campaigns set to increase customer participation & engagement with your loyalty program such as referral campaigns, prize auctions, sweepstakes, etc
  • Partner Benefit Campaigns–Campaigns set to offer specific privileges and or discounts from 3rd party partner s of your loyalty program


PerX™ is an enterprise level customer loyalty management solution enabling companies to create & manage acquisition, retention, growth, frequency & transaction based customer loyalty strategies. Deployed either as a Cloud-Based or On-Premise solution, PerX™ offers a secure multi-currency multi-partner loyalty & rewards management solution.

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