Business Rules Module

Every loyalty program is unique; the differentiating factors between every loyalty program are the business rules that have been set for the programs.  Based on the sector of your business, this module is used to define the criteria upon which your program will enrol, reward and manage your customers.  Understanding each of the rules and setting it accordingly would help the loyalty program achieve your desired purpose.

On-boarding Processes

The criteria upon which your customers will qualify to be members of the loyalty program; this could be based on multiple criteria or you could even decide to auto-enrol all customers

Points Award processes

The criteria you will use to award loyalty points; this could be per SKU, per transaction value or for cumulative spend over a period of time. Each criterion is defined and applied to ensure that you are motivating & stimulating your customers to achieve the transactional behaviour change that enables a win-win scenario.

Customer Segmentation

This PERX™ module allows you to define customer segments based on various criteria such as age, location (residential or business), gender, amount and level of transactions, spending habits, membership tenor, tier, redemption activity, etc.  It allows you to cluster your customers more precisely to gain better insight into these customers and develop relevant offers/messages/campaigns & other interaction mechanisms that will aid your corporate decision making and boost long term customer loyalty.

Customer Tiering Module

The PERX™ application comes with a customer tiering system that allows you to cluster your program membership according to their program performance, The tiering module incorporates automatic retention & upgrade criteria that allows you to set the parameters of performance for which your customers will move up tiers to enjoy greater benefits or to maintain a tier and avoid a tier downgrade.

The customer tiering module is a good tool for influencing the behavioural pattern of your customers, thereby increasing traffic and frequency of visits to your business.

business rules

Business Rules Module

PerX™ is an enterprise level customer loyalty management solution enabling companies to create & manage acquisition, retention, growth, frequency & transaction based customer loyalty strategies. Deployed either as a Cloud-Based or On-Premise solution, PerX™ offers a secure multi-currency multi-partner loyalty & rewards management solution.

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